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Health & Safety in the Workplace

The last thing any employer wants to deal with is the tedium of Health and Safety – but boring or not, it is an essential part of your obligation to the wellbeing of both your staff and customers.

We have already covered the issue of noise on this blog; see here to refresh your memory.

One of the most important parts of dealing with accidents and injuries in the workplace is …

Making Tax Digital

The world is evolving quickly, and more of our everyday tasks are becoming digital. Making Tax Digital (MTD) is one of the steps ahead in this process.

HMRC’s aim is to become one of the most advanced tax administrations in the world, by modernising the tax system to make it easier for the public to access it. They plan to make it easier for individuals, and businesses like you, to get …

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beer-holder!


Decorating your pub isn’t just about how many people you can cram in, you should be looking to create a warm and welcoming venue that attracts customers in, time and time again.


How many times have you looked at a restaurant or pub and decided not to go in, because it looks deserted? Although an overly crowded bar may be off-putting, a bit of life and atmosphere can do wonders for …

Oldbury Fun Run 2017


Over the weekend, some of our intrepid team members took part in the Oldbury Fun Run, raising money for charity. Although some walked, some ran, and some did a combination of both, everyone made it round eventually and a great time was had by all!

Before, with our mascot, John Smith!

Remember, not only are charity events and fundraisers like this good team-building …

Juniper Joy

It would be hard put for anyone not to have noticed the recent Gin conquest of the spirit market; although the popularity of this traditional English spirit has plateaued, that doesn’t mean that businesses shouldn’t still get it on the action.


Whilst the history of Gin is rich and lengthy, and integral to the history of this country, there is far too much …

Make mine a virgin (no alcohol!)

Being among a small percentage of men and women who either drink no alcohol at all or less than one unit per week, I find it a challenging task to find somewhere to go out in the evening to have a refreshing non-alcoholic drink.

It is not always a cafe, or a restaurant, or a juice bar I am looking for. I want to enjoy the ambience of a friendly local …

Auto Enrolment – Implications of Non-compliance

In the past few weeks, you have been given an insight into what auto-enrolment is, and what your duties are as an employer. You may, however, be wondering what happens if you don’t comply or fulfil your duties – so I thought I could cover them here for you.
Who is Responsible?
You, as an employer, are responsible for meeting your legal duties for auto enrolment.
What happens if I don’t comply?
If you …

How Loud is Too Loud: Noise in Your Establishment


The ‘noisy bar’ debate isn’t new – the age old debate of club versus pub, sports bar versus restaurant; across the industry, opinions of the ‘appropriate’ level of noise for any establishment are rarely the same. But what’s appropriate isn’t the only thing to factor in when adjusting your volume dial.

The first thing to consider is the overall feel of your bar, …

Automatic Enrollment, An update

In the next few months, we are producing an article series to help employers prepare for the Automatic Enrollment process. This first edition is a quick reminder of what it’s all about.

Edit: Since writing this article BII has made the following announcement to its members

“The Pensions Regulator recently announced that it had issued a large proportion of penalty notices to employers within the food and drink sector. This is an …

Is your Premises Licence fit for purpose?

Situations change over time and your premises licence might be due a review!

Whether you need to change a DPS, extend opening hours, licence a garden or remove restrictions on your current licence, contact us on 01454 419262 ext. 5 where we will be happy to help advise and help you along in this process.
Please always remember to advise us if you are planning on any structural alterations.