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In our previous article, we touched on a few ideas of suitable offers to coincide with some of the big sporting events happening this year. Below are a few more ideas to help you through the big event for our nation’s favourite sport, football, the 2016 UEFA EUROs.

As with previous international sporting events, the EUROs will be broadcasted on BBC & ITV. This is great news for publicans, …

Is Your Insurance up to Scratch?

Most of our readers recognise the importance of their business insurance but according to research, over half of UK businesses could be underinsured ( Often your circumstances can change whilst you are in the pub and you need to check if these will impact your policy.

You may have arranged your current policy online without professional advice, through a Broker or used an Insurer who doesn’t specialise in the pub …

Relaxation of licensing hours for Queen’s 90th birthday

This year mark’s the Queen’s 90th Birthday!

Because of this, on Friday 10th June and Saturday 11th June any premises that have a licence to sell alcohol on site to 23:00 will have their licence extended to 01:00 the next morning! This is happening automatically, so you do not need to do anything other than let your customers know!

As mentioned in the UEFA EURO post, this coincides with both the England …

Our Summer 2016 Quiz!

This quarter we are offering one of our readers a chance to win a free Stock count and set up (or wet stocktake for our existing stocktaking clients).

If you want to be in with a chance to win this fantastic prize for your pub, then please email your answer to the following question to , or click the button below

What other large …

Pimms Jug

Classic Pimm’s No. 1 Cocktail

200ml Pimm’s No. 1
600ml Lemonade
Mint sprigs, Sliced Cucumber, Sliced Orange and Strawberries

Fill a jug with ice and pour over the Pimm’s and lemonade. Give it a good stir then add the mint, cucumber and fruit.

Sell as a jug offer, or individually in tall highball glasses.

Old School Kegs

What is The Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme?

You may not need to worry about the Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme until next year, but what is it?

The Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme, or AWRS for short, is an initiative set up by HMRC to counteract the sale of alcohol from illicit sources, whereby businesses who wholesale alcohol need to be approved. HMRC will maintain a register of approved businesses, from which any business purchasing alcohol must ensure that their …

Our Spring 2016 Quiz

This quarter we are offering our readers a chance to win a Bondi Gas Barbeque! This will help you put on events this summer as suggested on the reverse.

If you want to be in with a chance to win this fantastic prize for your pub, then please email your answer to the following question to , or click the button below

What Country is hosting …

Making the most of the Sunny Seasons

Christmas may be over but February is no time to rest! Now is the time to get your Spring and Summer schedule in place.

Easter and Spring Bank Holidays are important times for families to get together, often at a local or destination pub. Make sure you promote your offerings in advance and build up to local expectations; differentiate yourselves.

In addition, to those of you blessed with gardens and known summer …

Burger Meal Picture

The Truth Behind Social Buying Sites

There has been a significant rise in the use of social buying sites such as Groupon, Living Social and Wowcher in the last five years. Social buying sites work by sending registered subscribers a local or national ‘daily deal’ to their inbox, outlining a discounted offer for anything from a restaurant meal to hot air balloon rides and holidays. Businesses are attracted to the scheme as it offers free locally …

Cake Picture

Tips if you decide to use a social buying site

If you do end up deciding that the schemes could be beneficial, below are a few things you should keep in mind.

If your business is seasonal then time the offer to coincide with a quiet period.

Carefully calculate the deal you are offering and make sure you give yourself an opportunity to sell additional products to claw back some of your lost margin– for example, side dishes or alcoholic beverages.

You …