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Melrose Mail Has Changed!

What’s happening?
We will no longer be producing a quarterly newsletter. Instead, we will be moving to a new schedule of weekly updates to our company blog, followed by a monthly round up email newsletter.
What’s the reason for this change?
There are a few reasons as to why this is happening. However, the main two are –

Posting articles to our blog weekly will allow us to get information out in a timelier …


As the colder, autumnal weather looms on the horizon, and with Oktoberfest just around the corner, it’s time to think about our old friend Beer.
Ales and Lagers, craft especially, have been experiencing an extended surge in popularity, and many pubs have responded by organizing beer festivals—so why not try your own?
With the rise of savvier beer drinkers, it’s a good strategy to make sure your …

The Minimum Wage is rising once again!

Age Band
Old Rate
New Rate

25+ y/olds
£ 7.20
£ 7.20

21 – 24 y/olds
£ 6.70
£ 6.95
25p or 3.7%

18 – 20 y/olds
£ 5.30
£ 5.55
25p or 4.7%

16 – 17 y/olds
£ 3.87
£ 4.00
13p or 3.4%

Apprentice Rate
£ 3.30
£ 3.40
10p …

Forthcoming Events

Macmillan Alcohol-Free October – Use this as an opportunity to promote your alcohol-free …

Taking Control of the Paperwork Demon

For many, the least enjoyable part of running a pub is managing the paperwork! However the everyday bustle of running a business gets in your way, here is a quick paperwork tip to help you on your way to managing the boring bits!

Set up easy systems to sort everything you receive, as this will make it a lot faster and easier to process when you come round to it. This …

Your Money is Changing!

Since 13th September new £5 notes have been in circulation, made of a special plastic polymer. Here are a few things to remember:

– Paper £5 notes are to be withdrawn from circulation May 2017. When this happens you can go to any bank, where they will change them for the new ones.

– Forgery detection pens WILL NOT WORK! They’ll just slide off instead of …

Is your Premises Licence fit for purpose?

Situations change over time and your premises licence might be due a review!

Whether you need to change a DPS, extend opening hours, licence a garden or remove restrictions on your current licence, contact us on 01454 419262 ext. 5 where we will be happy to help advise and help you along in this process.
Please always remember to advise us if you are planning on any structural alterations. 

Beer Day Britain 2016!

The BII is spearheading Beer Day Britain on June 15th this year. This is a great opportunity for pubs across the country to attract old and new customers alike with celebrations for our national drink!

For more information go to and download the information pack put together by Jane Peyton, a BII and Beer Academy Beer Sommelier of the year award winner.

Upsell Your Wine!

Wine is one of the easiest items on a menu to upsell to a customer. However, most staff in pubs freeze when a customer asks “what wine would you recommend?” By educating your staff on your wine list they can upsell wines making them look good, and improving your profit margin in the process. Here are a few ideas to help you out –

Run a staff training afternoon where you …

Get financial help with statutory pay

Did you know that as an employer, you can usually reclaim 92% of employees’ Statutory Maternity (SMP), Paternity, Adoption and Shared Parental Pay? You can also apply for HMRC to pay you in advance if you can’t afford to make statutory payments.

There are various ways to apply for the advance payments of SMP, go to this webpage for more infomation from HMRC.

However, if you use Melrose Payroll services, we will …