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A Golden Dram









You would be forgiven for thinking that Whisk(e)y is an old man’s drink. For years it has been paired with a comfortable chair and a smoking jacket. For the average consumer, there always seems to be a certain apprehension before choosing a dram – and the manner in which whisky should be drunk is always hotly up for debate. A drop …

  • Posted: March 21, 2017
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Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme (AWRS)

What is it?
To cut down on unlawful selling of alcohol, HMRC have brought in a scheme that requires all business who are wholesaling alcohol – business to business sales – to become registered and be issues an AWRS unique reference number (URN). It also requires trade buyers to make sure that they are purchasing from registered suppliers
When does/did it start?
The requirement for businesses to register was 1st April 2016. However, …


Well done to Wozz and Tina Oliphant from the Kings Arms, Brislington. They won our last newsletter Quiz! They answered correctly that Wimbledon was coinciding with the 2016 UEFA EUROs.

Above is a picture of the two of them receiving their prize cheque!

If you are ever in the BS4 area, we would highly suggest dropping into their pub, which is one of the oldest in Bristol. Check out their website here …

The Rise and Rise Of Craft Spirits

There’s no way around it: from the smallest, oldest pub in town to the biggest sports bars, crafts spirits are now an unstoppable fact of the industry. No matter how reluctant your regulars or how traditional your pub, it’s always a good idea to look at expanding your range and target audience.

What are Craft Spirits, anyway?

Admittedly, the term ‘craft spirits’ is just about …

  • Posted: February 28, 2017
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Water Deregulation

What is happening?
From April 2017 an estimated 1.2 million eligible businesses and non-household customers, in England, will be able to choose their supplier of water and wastewater services. This is a change from the current system which requires businesses to use a specific water supplier based on the geographic location of the business.
Who is eligible?
In England, any premises whose principle activity is that of business will be eligible to choose. …

  • Posted: February 21, 2017
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Melrose Mail Has Changed!

What’s happening?
We will no longer be producing a quarterly newsletter. Instead, we will be moving to a new schedule of weekly updates to our company blog, followed by a monthly round up email newsletter.
What’s the reason for this change?
There are a few reasons as to why this is happening. However, the main two are –

Posting articles to our blog weekly will allow us to get information out in a timelier …


As the colder, autumnal weather looms on the horizon, and with Oktoberfest just around the corner, it’s time to think about our old friend Beer.
Ales and Lagers, craft especially, have been experiencing an extended surge in popularity, and many pubs have responded by organizing beer festivals—so why not try your own?
With the rise of savvier beer drinkers, it’s a good strategy to make sure your …

The Minimum Wage is rising once again!

Age Band
Old Rate
New Rate

25+ y/olds
£ 7.20
£ 7.20

21 – 24 y/olds
£ 6.70
£ 6.95
25p or 3.7%

18 – 20 y/olds
£ 5.30
£ 5.55
25p or 4.7%

16 – 17 y/olds
£ 3.87
£ 4.00
13p or 3.4%

Apprentice Rate
£ 3.30
£ 3.40
10p …

Forthcoming Events

Macmillan Alcohol-Free October – Use this as an opportunity to promote your alcohol-free …

Taking Control of the Paperwork Demon

For many, the least enjoyable part of running a pub is managing the paperwork! However the everyday bustle of running a business gets in your way, here is a quick paperwork tip to help you on your way to managing the boring bits!

Set up easy systems to sort everything you receive, as this will make it a lot faster and easier to process when you come round to it. This …