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Weekly or monthly payroll.
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When there are customers to serve and a business to organise, have you really got time to administer your payroll?

Let us take up the burden and ensure you meet the ever changing requirements of HMRC in a timely fashion.

We will register your PAYE scheme, produce your pay slips and keep you RTI compliant, allowing you to concentrate on revenue generation.

Be it weekly or monthly we can accommodate your requirements.

Excellent efficient service provided to the highest standard of professionalism Rory Willis - General Manager. The Apple Cider Company
  • Business Plans

    If you are thinking of a new business venture a business plan is essential.

  • Stocktaking

    All Melrose stocktakers are trained to the highest level.

  • Payroll

    We produce the reports and play slips for you, the employees and HMRC.

  • Accounting

    Accounting services include, free of charge, business and VAT registrations with HMRC.

  • Training

    Melrose Pubcare are a well established training provider, fully accredited by the BIIAB.

  • Licensing

    Licensing - An efficient, cost effective service. Nationwide